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(70) Longewella was a disputed terrain about wide. It lay about north of the town of Landi Kotal, in the main Khyber Pass, on the Peshawar-Charsadda road in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) or the disputed Northern Areas, although the exact location of the battle has not been precisely determined. Battle The first contact between the Indian Army and the Pakistani Army was on 12 October 1971, when the Pakistan Army captured the Manki Ridge, in the Sialkot sector. A three-week campaign followed until the start of a ceasefire on 17 October. On the night of 22 October, the Indian Army launched Operation Longewala, with a column of two infantry brigades from the I Corps (Lieutenant-General P. P. Vaidya) crossing the border into the PoK. The Pakistani army posted to the area, had a brigade of regular soldiers, one from the Frontier Force and one from the West Pakistani Army, which acted as the northern flank of the PoK. At Longewalla, the main encounter took place at 09:00 on 26 October 1971. The Pakistani Army, led by Major-General Wazir Khan and Brigadier Badshah Khan, held the Indian forces in the sector, aided by the hill in the middle of the strategic Battle of Landi Kotal. Both the sides had to contend with mountains (the Shandur La) and barren hills, which were snow-clad at the beginning of the year. The Indian army had to clear the way for the column to cross the border. The Indian army thus had to dig trenches on the strategic hills which were being held by the Pakistan army. Three Pakistani infantry battalions were positioned at Qambrim and Karora, on the Indian side. Two Pakistan Army regulars battalions and a Western Sector Territorial Force (WESTFA) battalion were positioned in defensive positions on the strategic hills around Landi Kotal. The North-West Frontier Force, a tribal group, was involved in the battle at different times, providing local cover to both the sides. The Indian army faced the Pakistan army, which had at its disposal: The Indian army and the Pakistani Army had differences, the Pakistani army favoured a conventional attack against the Indian army, while the Indian army wanted to avoid a general war and follow a guerrilla war. During the battle, the Indian army was backed by the artillery units of the 2



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The Border Full Movie In Hindi Download Hd whitell

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